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Our mission is to educate, prepare, encourage, and guide students to enhance their ability to perform with distinct professionalism and thus, to serve the society through research and innovation in different fields like Fluid Dynamics, Materials Science, Robotics, Manufacturing Processes, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Environmental Science.


We endeavor to be renowned in the field of mechanical engineering and research by imparting updated knowledge and research skills and thus, by producing accomplished graduates who are qualified, innovative, and entrepreneurial in advanced fields of mechanical engineering


The department fosters a supportive environment for its students to create an effective learning atmosphere where there are ample opportunities for them to a. develop experiential learning, b. acquire knowledge and expertise, c. advance communication skills d. develop professionalism, e. gather solid foundation and understanding of the fundamental principles of different fields of mechanical engineering and f. be familiar with emerging issues in mechanical engineering.






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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BME) Program

Mechanical Engineering is the oldest as well as the widest branch of all the engineering departments. It spans from the age of Archimedes when the massive power of lever arm was first introduced, and still evolving through technological searches with innovations like spacecraft for terrestrial exploration. Beginning with the classical mechanics, the mechanical engineering has eventually expanded its realm with the implementation of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and material science.

Mechanical engineering is an accomplished engineering field by virtue of its capability to extract energy from the hydrocarbon fuels to convert into work which is later enacted on static systems to become dynamic. While transferring from stationary to moving, all the mechanisms required for it also are being designed, manufactured and installed by the mechanical personnel. Mechanical engineers are constantly enlarging the perimeters of today’s utility world by inventing more efficient machines to produce safer, cheaper and reliable products. Thus, the applicability of mechanical engineering remains dominant equally in both the household and industrial yards.

The Bachelor degree program offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering is intended to prepare students for successful careers in their job fields coping with the needs of modern days. The course of study is designed to enrich the students with theoretical as well as experimental knowledge essential to enter the fields of design, production, sales and management. At the same time it builds the foundation footing in the fresh graduates for further higher studies.

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Course Curriculum

Program of Study

The program of study leading to the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) has been designed to meet the requirements for entry into professional practice of mechanical engineering on the one hand and that of general educational requirements on the other. Read More…

Program Fees

IUBAT University assesses fees for students on credit hour basis. The rate of other charges such as admissions, semester fee, other activities fees and refundable library and laboratory deposits in details have been provided in the Financial Information section of this Bulletin. Read More…

Duration of Study

The minimum requirement for BSME degree is completion of 153.5 credit hours plus such courses as recommended by the college after reviewing individual background. A semester is of 16 weeks duration, there are three semesters in a year and duration of the program is four years. Read More…

Faculty Members


Dr Dewan Muhammad Nuruzzaman

Professor and Chair


Dr A. K. M. parvej Iqbal

Associate Professor & Coordinator