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IUBAT Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME)

IUBAT Agriculture Society (IAS) was formed by students of the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) to promote academic and social goals of members with respect to promotion of knowledge and practice relating to agricultural sciences.

The goals of IAS are a) help improve academic performances of the members, b) development of good communication skills and understanding between the members, c) development of individual image, morality and recognition of team spirit and d) learn how to provide agro-based community development related services.

These goals are being realized through a) regular meetings to promote communication, b) organizing occasional recreational events to promote fellowship and recognizing talents and leisureactivities to support a healthy study environment, c) organize study sessions and tutorials and d) organize academic fieldtrips.

The major functions of IAS are: organizing seminars, symposium, conducting help sessions, counseling, preparing and maintaining a database of potential employers, generating latest investigative reports and articles on agricultural field. To develop agro-based community, IAS has organized several informative session on plantation of Oil Palm and many spices; exhibition and agricultural fair, organic farming and sustainable agriculture. IAS has also participated in national and international environmental conferences and fairs. IAS participated in environmental programs like save river Turag, save Uttara lake as well as community service like blood donation programs. IAS will also conduct training session on new agro-biotechnologies and field work and job related issues for developing new concept on agriculture and disseminate the technologies at the neighbor community. The IAS student will develop their education level at per with international standard in their specialized fields.